Making sugar cookies from scratch. Easy sugar cookie recipe!

Nothing compares to a fantastic sugar cookie recipe. You do not need to buy the Pillsbury Dough roll; you are perfectly able to bake fabulous sugar cookies from scratch that will be reminiscent of Grandma’s works of art.  There are many easy sugar cookie recipe around that can help you to accomplish that.

Sugar cookies are great because of that extra fluffiness that it offers in every single bite. This is so because of its ingredients which comprises, among other things, sugar and alternative sweeteners.

Delicious Sugar Cookies

Grandma’s works of art.

All types of dry sugar, which include confectioners, powder, brown and granulated, tends to soak up moisture from the air and this is beneficial as they preserve the proteins and starch that are present in egg and flour from water and moisture. So because of this, sugar cookies have a longer shelf life than other cookies and they maintain the same moisture, softness and tenderness as when they were first baked. Just consider a situation where you lessen the quantity of granulated sugar, this will result in a bigger quantity of water in the sugar cookies. The cookies will turn out to be crunchy as the dough would not spread easily because it would be stiffer.

When thinking about the softness and crunchiness of the sugar cookies you may also want to consider that the finer granules are better to spread the cookies.  Also, remember that extra cornstarch is present in confectionery sugar and this will reduce the capacity of the cookie dough to spread. If the sugar is properly proportioned, it also evens out the egg whites that have been whipped. This is because:

  • The process of the collection of the egg proteins and spreading out is slowed down.
  • It safeguards air bubbles from breaking by creating a sticky, thick syrup.

Knowing the sources of granulated sugar improves your chances of combining the right ingredients. Sugar beets and sugarcane are usually the sources from which granulated sugar comes. The chemical name for granulated sugar is sucrose. It is commonly used in sugar cookies recipes.

Confectionery sugar is the combination of granulated sugar and 3% of cornstarch. The refinement of the sugar varies from 6x to 10x. As a result of the following reasons, confectionery sugar cannot substitute for granular sugar:

  • You Cannot trap the air bubbles
  • It is not as sweet

For a darker color and a softer texture, brown sugar is the way to go. The difference takes place during the process of baking where the sugar crystals, which are melted, rise to the top; this process provides the dark color.  Added flavor is provided as the sugar rises to the surface and caramelizes.

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